Harbinger tapes pre-order

You can now pre-order the Harbinger EP tapes here. Tapes will be released as soon as I have my copies from Blackwood Productions (25% of total pressing) in the next few weeks. Happy ordering!



New ‘Harbinger’ EP imminent!


I am proud to present some brand new music in the form of ‘Harbinger’, a four-song EP, with a physical cassette release via the inestimable Blackwood Productions label.

Pre-orders for the digital download are available here, with the tape to follow very soon. A limited quantity will be available from my Bandcamp page, from a total edition of 100 copies.

I am particularly pleased with how this release has turned out – a bit more dynamic (and certainly louder) than the album or demo, while still retaining the immersive rustic atmosphere of Murmurations.

Hails and thanks to Steve at Blackwood Prods for releasing this in cassette format! An announcement on the availability of tapes will follow soon.

The split release with White Medal is still due later this year on Legion Blotan, but no details on format or release date yet.

‘Murmurations’ tape sold out

I am once again sold out of Murmurations tapes and will not be restocking as most remaining copies have been distributed or sold elsewhere. Lighten Up Sounds’ stock is also running low I believe so if you’re after a copy, try http://lightenupsounds.storenvy.com or various distros worldwide including Dark Descent, At War With False Noise, Legion Blotan and Todestrieb. Only 100 copies pressed in total.

I still have plenty of CDs in stock (remember, these are pro-quality CD-Rs, as I know some people are put off ) at http://wapentake.bandcamp.com

Look out for news on two forthcoming releases soon – the White Medal split is almost ready and I am putting the finishing touches to recording and layout for a standalone tape EP.

Murmurations CD stockists

Following a productive round of trading, the CD(R)/digipak version of Murmurations is now available from Nuclear War Now! (US), Todestrieb (UK), Invictus (IE), Blackwood Productions (UK), Stoic Strength/Legion Blotan (UK) and Lighten Up Sounds (US).

While I will not actively be seeking to trade any more copies for a while, anyone else interested in a trade should email wapentakecult (at) gmail (dot) com.

Of course you can also purchase direct at Bandcamp!

I am in initial discussions for the release of cassette EP ‘Revelations’. Further announcements on new music coming soon(ish)…


Welcome to the brand-new official blog/website for Wapentake. Please bookmark for updates on new releases etc.

To celebrate Yuletide, I am currently offering 20% off everything at my Bandcamp page, simply enter the code ‘Xmas’ at the checkout. This offer will run until midnight 31st December. Also, physical orders can still claim a free gift of either a Wapentake button badge, or the CD EP of my old band Cultfinder.

Stay tuned for news regarding my forthcoming split release with White Medal.